The Wishlist of Mark Killian
Last Updated 2/16/2019

Mark Killian’s Wish list 2019


Mark Killian’s Wish list 2019

Bike handle bars curved

With the grip tape


·Cash ($, £, €, gold/silver coins)

Slacks or other nice long pants (Dockers 38 X 29 or 36 X 29, flat front, black, blue, or khaki)


Land's End large, tall shirts(both collared and non-collared)

Socks black mens


New phone Case for Samsung J3


D&D Monster Manual 5th edition(VERY IMPORTANT)


D&D Volo's Guide to Monsters


Wet erase mat for D&D[VERY IMPORTANT](squares and squares best but squares and hexes works great as well)

Wet erase markers for the mat.

  Exotic Animal pelts

                Sea Otter






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